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A Fanfiction/Fanart community for Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart

Welcome to cloudtifa, a fan community for Cloud and Tifa of the Square-Enix game Final Fantasy 7. This is a community that appreciates the romantic relationship between the two, however anyone who is a fan of either is welcome to join! Although it says it's a fanfiction/fanart community, posts are unmoderated, so go nuts! Post videos, graphics, fanart, whatever you want here, within reason. =]

Some Rules

Yes, we do have a few rules, but only to make your Cloti experience more enjoyable, I swear!

1. Obviously, this IS a strict Cloti journal... I have no rules against bashing of other characters (*coughAerithcough*), but please bear in mind that all posts should be related to Cloud/Tifa.

2. If posting graphics/fanart, please post them under a LJ-Cut. If you don't know how, go here.

3. Please, please, please, NO drama. Save it for the fanfics. =]

4.When posting, try to stick to these guidelines:

NAME: Name of the fic/pic/vid/whatever.
RATING:M-rated content is fine.
PAIRING:Other than Cloud/Tifa.
SUMMARY:Pretty self-explanatory.

Plus anything else you'd like to add.

5. Please, no advertising random communities. I don't mind if they're something to do with Final Fantasy, but there's a limit, you know?
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